Counselling for Diverse Sexuality, Sex & Gender 

Something humans seem to have inherited from their evolutionary past is the tendency to avoid those who we see as different to ourselves. This could show up as fear, hate, anger or devaluation and can be expressed in many ways in a culture such as prejudice and discrimination, creating fear of and actual social rejection for those seen as being in the minority. As we also have evolved psychological needs to form relationships with acceping others and govern our own lives, the consequences of not having these needs met can result in poorer mental health for those in the minority.

How Can Counselling Help

Managing the mental health effects of prejudice and discrimination such as depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation. This is also known as Minority Stress

Navigating relationships when coming out or transitioning. These could be friends, family, community groups, work or intimate relationships.

Exploring the intersection between neurodivergence and sexuality and gender non-conformity.

What does it mean?: Exploring how divergent sex, sexuality and gender fits into your concept of who you are, society and spirituality

Your Counsellor, Annie Mundy

A Master of Counselling Qualification gives me the knowledge and skills to work with you on many areas of distress relating to being a part of a minority group.

A lived experience of bisexuality and gender transition gives me a deeper understanding of the complex nature of navigating diverse gender and sexuality.

A history of supporting others through coming out, gender transition and self exploration gives me experience in working with the wide range of issues that may come up.

Having completed the workshop, “Introduction to Neurodiversity Affirming Therapy with Autism & ADHD Clients (Monique Mitchelson)” gives me an overview for working with neurodivergent clients. I also have an interest in this area and intend more in depth training in future

My methods are integrative, using various therapeutic processes depending on the client and issue at hand, however, I am most guided by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and use a trauma informed approach.

Other Stuff

LGBTIQ+ Health Australia: “LGBTIQ+ Health Australia (LHA), founded in 2010, is the national peak body for LGBTIQ+ health and wellbeing for organisations and individuals that provide health-related programs, services and research focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans/transgender, intersex, queer and other sexuality, gender, and bodily diverse people.”