Couples Therapy

Healthy intimate relationships are an important part of life.  They are an antidote to emotional loneliness, they make us part of a team where you can achieve more together and you know someone has your back and they fulfil some of our basic drives for sex and producing offspring. Some relationships are unhealthy, especially where there is emotional and physical abuse.

Many relationships, however, have the potential to be great, healthy relationships, giving you more of what is possible, such as:

  • Great friendship
  • Close intimacy
  • Easier to manage conflict
  • Support for our more meaningful pursuits and authentic selves

These relationship benefits can often seem quite illusive when life stressors, barriers to communication and societal expectations get in the way. This is where evidence-based couples therapy may be the catalyst you need to get you back on track.

How Can Counselling Help

Counselling can help couples improve their relationships by:

  • Facilitating communication. So you feel heard and understood
  • Techniques for resolving and managing conflict and its emotional impact
  • Building friendship and intimacy
  • Helping to connect with meaning and purpose in relations
  • Gottman Method
  • Sound Relationship House
  • Building friendship and intimacy
  • Conflict resolution and management
  • Creating potential for recovering from trust betrayals (e.g. Infidelity)
  • Navigating societal expectations

Your Counsellor, Annie Mundy

I have Level 1 training in The Gottman Method Couples/Relationship Therapy and will continue to develop with Level 2 training in 2024. I prefer the Gottmann Method for working with relationships as it has substantial evidence-based research backing, integrates well with other techniques for couples and individuals and works with the positive aspects of relationships as well as the distressful aspects. A comprehensive online assessment is offered, which can increase effectiveness while reducing cost/time.

The Gottman Method is LGBTIQA+ inclusive and although aimed at couples can also be applied to couples/pairings/dyads within consensual non-monogamous relationships. 

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