Counselling Outside the Box

Empathic, validating, outside-the-box counselling for norm breakers.

Your journey, your way


Counselling Outside The Box is about relationships and especially those less common in our society where there is often added marginalisation, shame and difficulty finding support. They could be diverse in sexuality and gender (LGBTIQA+), they could be atypical in structure (Polyamory and other Ethical Non-monogamies), they could be ambitiously seeking optimum health (Couples Therapy), they could be harmful beyond what most could comprehend (Narcissistic Abuse and Other Pathological Relationships), they could be insufficient to meet you psychological needs (Loneliness), they could be with other parts of your self, they could be with your past or future, they could be with your family, social group or society and they could be with the greater whole that you are a part off. 

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Sex, Gender and Sexuality Affirming

Managing discrimination and prejudice

Relationships, coming out and transition

Intersection with neurodivergence

Depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation

Bisexual and transgender lived experience counsellor

Narcissistic Abuse

and other Pathological Relationships

Love bombing, mirroring, gaslighting, social isolation, coercive control, devaluing & discard

Aftermath: Smear campaigns, legal abuse & parental alienation

Loss of self, trauma, healing & growth

Counsellor with lived experience of narcissistic abuse


Meaning, Belonging and Intimacy

Identity, belonging & social networks

Intimacy, closeness, dating & relationships

Finding meaning & being a part of something bigger

Social skills, anxiety & hopelessness

Taking a break from loneliness with longer session times

Couples Therapy

using Gottman Method Couples Thereapy

Building friendship & intimacy

Conflict resolution and management

Recovery from infidelity

Shared meaning & mutual support for life dreams

LGBTIQA+ & polyamorous couples inclusive


and other Ethical Non-Monogamies

Polyamory, swinging, open relationships, kink and sex worker inclusive

Opening relationships, jealousy & compersion

Discrimination, prejudice & coming out

Counsellor with lived experience

Booking and Fees

Which one to select from the booking calendar below

If this is to be our first time together, I suggest a free service introduction, whether you are an individual, a couple or a related group.

If you have already seen me at an introduction session (or want to skip the introduction) and are now making a counselling booking, please select the counselling service we have either planned on at our introduction session or from your understanding of what the session involves.

  • 80 minute Relationship Counselling for Couples Therapy.
  • 120 minute Loneliness Counselling for Loneliness
  • 50 minute Individual Standard Counselling if you are seeing me for anything else as an individual

My default way of connecting is telehealth using Google Meet which is compatible with most devices, usually without installing a separate app and can be video or voice only. A link is sent when booking. Please email me or mention in your booking to arrange to connect another way.


My standard fees are on my booking calendar and reflect:

  • The higher need for mental health support for marginalised and traumatised people
  • The lack of government subsidy for counselling which does not qualify as psychiatry, clinical psychology or mental health social work
  • My newness in private practice and building a client base
  • My low overheads, due to using telehealth online and not hiring a counselling room.

I also charge:

  • An extra $1/km if I travel to you or a Walk and Talk location
  • Less for financial hardship, which we can discuss in our introduction or first session
  • After our session by invoice

While you are here. Check out the cool, informative and interesting stuff below


Greater Good Magazine has some neat little evidence based quizzes to get an idea of how you are going with yourself and the wider community.

The infographics below include: A Relationship Smorgasbord with some great discussion points to help you create a the relationship you both want rather than falling into the norm trap. A Gender Unicorn to help you unpack the seemingly complex diversity in sexuality and gender. An infografic from the Australian Human Rights Commision to show you the numbers of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex People in the community (in 2014) and their mental health experience (C.W. it’s not pretty)