The Gottman Method is a research-backed system of assessment and treatment for intimate couple relationships. It is based on the Sound Relationship House Theory which has processes for building friendship, intimacy & secure attachment, managing conflict and creating shared meaning and mutual support for each other’s dreams.

This method has a strong base of evidence with over 20 years of research

The process starts with a comprehensive online assessment which creates an informative overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship to give you and your therapist a map of areas to work on and techniques to use.

The first session is a joint session the two shorter individual sessions for further evaluation. The next session is sharing the results and setting the stage for the sessions ahead.

I have Level 1 training in The Gottman Method Couples/Relationship Therapy and will continue to develop with Level 2 training in 2024. I prefer the Gottmann Method for working with relationships as it has substantial evidence-based research backing, integrates well with other techniques for couples and individuals and works with the positive aspects of relationships as well as the distressful aspects. A comprehensive online assessment is offered, which can increase effectiveness while reducing cost/time.

The Gottman Method is LGBTIQA+ inclusive and although aimed at couples can also be applied to couples/pairings/dyads within consensual non-monogamous relationships. 

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