A biopshychosocial-spritual approach considers four realms that influence our experience of the world. 

Biological: How our body is functioning and may include factors such as the experience of illness, exercise, nutrition, hormones, neurotransmitters, gut biome, substances, neuro-developmental factors and genetics. 

Psychological: Our learned behaviours, fears, anxieties, mood, personality, emotions, beliefs and drives.

Social: The environment we grew up in, our family system, culture, experience of prejudice and discrimination, experience of gender and sexuality, relationships, abuse & trauma, loneliness & belonging, intimacy and sex.

Spiritual: The meaning we give our experiences, our core sense of self, values, how we see ourselves in relation to others, humanity, the earth & nature and anything we experience as larger than ourselves that we are a part of, including the universe, the supernatural, gods and other deities.

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