It’s not easy being authentic

In Western cultures, we are raised to be more individual and independent. Many people are hurt by others through various forms of social exclusion or abuse. We fear ostracism and avoid situations that could be socially awkward. Social anxiety is common. The education systems often prioritise academic knowledge over people skills. We create social norms that are not innately normal for many people. Economic pressure on families reduces opportunities for carers to form secure attachments with developing children. Society is not well set up to support the way we are wired for connection, contributing toward loneliness, depression, addiction and other poor mental health outcomes.

Social norms

Society is full of social norms that we are judged against and it can be difficult to not put up an extra layer to your persona, crafted so you can better fit in and find acceptance. But imagine a safe space where you can temporarily peel off this layer to connect as your more authentic inner self. Does that sound like something you would like to explore?

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